About Us


The purpose of the Kentridge High School Booster Club is to foster and promote the general welfare of the KR athletic and activity programs at school and in the community, support fundraising opportunities, provide parent assistance, and promote awareness of the important relationship between success in academics and participation in athletics and activities.


The Kentridge High School Booster Club was started in the fall of 2009 when several cross country, track, and wrestling parents were invited to attend a meeting hosted by the track and cross country coaches along with the school’s athletic director. Mr. Craig Fairclough, Mrs. Amy Abrams, Mrs. Elaine Ailment, and Mrs. Julie Eisold-Bunker, along with Vice Principal and Athletic Director, Mr. Eric Anderson, became the original executive board. They and Mr. Greg Haffner, from the Curran Law Group, established the KR Booster Club By-Laws and Guidelines. They registered the club with the State of Washington as a non-profit organization in January, 2010. The club was granted 501(c)3 federal tax exempt non-profit status in August, 2010.


Member groups of the Kentridge High School Booster Club are represented by a parent representative, a coach, and parent volunteers. Member groups pay an initial fee to join KRHSBC and a small annual fee afterwards to receive the basic benefits of a non-profit organization’s banking and use of a resell permit. Each group has a separate checking account for their own fundraising and expenses. Additional benefit derives from periodic fundraising by a larger booster community that spans many sports and activities and draws from the experience and skills of many volunteers. The intent of KRHSBC’s fundraising efforts is to fill shortfalls in funding for the members’ sports and activities.

All ASB sports and activities are invited to join KRHSBC. The booster club has a general meeting at the beginning of June and the three sport seasons. Monthly planning meetings (10 per year) drive the recruiting, communication, and fundraising effort